July 20, 2017

About GPM

GPM was founded in 2008, with clear mission of researching and developing a unique strategy that achieves reducing peak demand and saving money on electrical bills.

Due to the high energy consumption in peak hours, most systems for light industrial and commercial industrial market, consume more energy on peak hours, the price for electricity is high, the west of resources is tremendously high and do not able to manage energy in an affordable manner.


Raising funds, government grants and private investments, the company was able to achieve several milestones, including developing a comprehensive IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio, designing and manufacturing a working beta products. GreenOS(TM) Beta site installation was integrated in MOGA INTERNATIONAL Ltd. facilities and is still working.

Today, after research, development and trail on dignified beta site, we can clearly say that the solutions we developed, and still do, reducing peak demand and saving money for our customers.