July 20, 2017

Our Products

GreenOS™-HVAC Dynamic Efficiency Control

GreenOS™ is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to slash their electric bills by 10-40% by storing off-peak energy in the building itself.
GreenOS™ is the only solution on the market today that uses a revolutionary technology to store, analyze and maximize the efficiency of energy consumption using
cutting edge technology, algorithms and IOT.
If you mainly consume energy, we can save much of your energy bill



thermostat 80%

Green-O-Stat™-Wifi Thermostat

A WiFi communication thermostat for HVAC units. Applicable for Heat Pumps and Fan Coils  Enables saving money by using GreenOS™ Algorithms. Ideal for Offices,Commercial buildings, Residential homes and Industry.

 cellolar app1png
Green-APP™ – An HVAC Efficiency Control Mobile Application.
Enables Real Time HVAC operations as well as and Energy Management.
Get detailed usage and historical analysis to better understand your operations.
Manage and control the system from varuios devices
Real time alert
GreenOS™ Applications include:
temperture set up
Administration Pannel
Friendly Interface



A revolutionary HVAC Remote Control unit, with long range communications.Enables residential Demand Side Management and Peak Demand Reduction



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